• Sirail : the expert in rolling stock harnesses

  • Sirail : the expert in rolling stock harnesses

  • Sirail : the expert in rolling stock harnesses

  • Sirail : the expert in rolling stock harnesses

A specialized european group

Your projects : The european footprint of Sirail enables us to accompany all types of projects, with an optimized offer, and provides you with flexibility and modularity.

Our sites : For each need, Sirail offers the most suitable production site in terms of distance, cost, language or culture. Certain specific skills, such as overmolding, are centralized to provide the best level of expertise.

The best value for our customers

Pricing : Thanks to its three low-cost sites, Sirail guarantees very competitive prices.

On-time delivery : Sirail delivers in just-in-time mode at its local sites, with an OTD rate of over 99%.

Optimisation : Sirail offers the optimal combination of production in low-cost sites and local sites, depending on the size of the products, their portability and the size of the series to produce.

A deep involvement in your value chain

From design… : Drawing of wiring looms and cable ducts, production of methods folders, jigs, foamboards and tooling design.

…to modification management and after-sales : Configuration management and modifications at any time in our process or even at the customer site.



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Jan 31, 2017 |
Actualités,  |

Lia-Tech and Groupe SIRAIL merged

Fusion von Lia-Tech und der Groupe SIRAIL

Lia-Tech a skupina SIRAIL sa zlúčili

Sep 18, 2016 |
Actualités,  |

Sirail presents its new company film

Sirail präsentiert ihren neuen Firmenfilm

Sirail predstavil svoje nové firmné video

Aug 29, 2016 |
Actualités,  |

Sirail sera présent au Salon Innotrans de Berlin du 20 au 23 septembre.

Sirail will be at InnoTrans Berlin from 20th to 23rd of September.

Sirail nimmt an der InnoTrans in Berlin teil, die vom 20. bis 23. September stattfindet.

Sirail sa zúčastní na výstave InnoTrans Berlin od 20.- 23. Septembra, 2016.